With a population of 33,000, Penticton is the largest of the South Okanagan communities and provides a bit more of a city feel while being substantially less crowded than Kelowna. Its newly revitalized downtown core has all amenities and services to offer without losing its small-city charm. Living in Penticton is the epitome of going home to a place where other people go on vacation: with over 2100 hours of sunshine (compared to a meagre 1800 in Vancouver) and over 5 km of stunning beaches along both Skaha and Okanagan Lakes, Penticton is a small oasis in the Okanagan Valley. There are over 60 wineries around Penticton and several local farmers’ markets where you can buy locally grown fruit and vegetables, freshly baked breads, and carefully handcrafted apparel and trinkets. Penticton is also famous for its festivals and events, including the Elvis Festival, Peach Festival, Pentastic Jazz Festival, and Penticton Oktoberfest. This is in addition to many sporting events such as walks, races, and water sports competitions. Penticton truly offers something for everyone! Learn more on Penticton’s Website: http://www.penticton.ca

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