Centrally located between Skaha and Osoyoos Lakes, Oliver is home to a population of 4800. With its mild weather year-round, Oliver is an ideal place to live in the South Okanagan/Similkameen region. The dozens of wineries surrounding Oliver are a result of the town’s original destiny to serve as an irrigation zone in the South Okanagan. The town grew and so did the wineries, making the ascription of “Wine Capital of Canada” spot on. The Osoyoos Indian Band have their headquarters in Oliver, and are thus an integral part of the town’s identity. Their history and culture can be seen in tributes such as the pictographs at Vaseux Lake, as well as in man-made monuments like the Oliver and District Museum. Downtown Oliver is a sight for tired eyes with its colourful and artistic storefronts. The town was named after John Oliver, the 19th premier of BC, who was a key figure in the fruit growing industry in the early 20th century.