When you read about the clean rivers and fresh air in Keremeos, you are not being fooled. The 1500-inhabitant town has achieved carbon neutrality in 2014 through BC Climate Action. And speaking of fresh air, Keremeos literally means “Meeting of the Winds” in the Okanagan Nation’s language. While Keremeos is a smaller town, it is far from boring: an active and engaged society provides many opportunities for social gatherings at community events and the town is not lacking in facilities, amenities, and community services. As with many of the beautiful Similkameen loci, Keremeos is a small oasis for nature lovers, offering gorgeous orchards and vineyards along which you are invited to hike, bike, or ride on horseback! Golfers and water enthusiasts alike will easily find opportunity to delight in their favourite activities in and around Keremeos. A notable wonder of nature is the Keremeos Columns, 30-meter tall basalt columns that resulted from volcanic activity. Make sure you pay them a visit.